Our Virtual Solution

Kaizen Compliance’s all-in-one solution simplifies compliance management and improves efficiency across practices.
Our Virtual Solution

Kaizen Compliance Management Suite

Our compliance management suite (CMS) is a powerful, innovative and affordable solution that encompasses all the tools healthcare professionals need to streamline management processes, increase departmental collaboration and simplify compliance. With a learning management system that has more than 200 custom courses; modules for management of policies and procedures, SDS, equipment lifecycles and contracts; a license and credential tracking center; safety plans and incident reports; expert virtual compliance support; QuickCred™ provider credentialing; compliance toolkits; OIG/SAM checks; and security risk assessments, Kaizen Compliance’s all-in-one solution simplifies compliance management and improves efficiency across practices.


eLearning– Courses developed to meet guidelines for different compliance accrediting bodies. Kaizen Compliance’s courses meet the guidelines for OSHA requirements, including Blood borne Pathogens, Fire Safety, Ergonomics and Injury Prevention and Infection Control. With updated courses on current important healthcare topics, including CMS Fraud Waste and Abuse, HIPAA, and the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015.


Policy and Procedures – Kaizen Compliance makes it simple to assign policies and procedures to staff. Whether all staff needs to have access to certain policies, or some staff need policies that others don’t, Kaizen Compliance makes it simple to assign policies to all staff, specific departments, or employees with certain positions.

With the option to have signatures on policies, you can line up the signature field with your document for precise placement of signature and date. Employees will be asked to digitally sign and acknowledge that they have read and accepted the policy. From there, you can track, remind, and access the signed policies with dates for employees in the “Assignment Status” of the policy.

Employees will have access to all assigned policies on their student dashboard whenever they login, they can download and print the policies from their Kaizen Compliance account, or simply review them within the system.


Credentialing Management– Tracking employee credentials has never been easier. Send employee credentials to our support team, upload them for your employees, or have employees upload them themselves. The credentialing management tool can be used to track licensing, credentials, and employee certifications’ expiration status. With the expiration date tool, employees and admins will automatically receive reminder notifications when it’s time to update specific credentials, ensuring up to date certifications are properly handled. Admins can run reports of all uploaded credentials so you can track all employee certifications expiration status with the click of a button.

The credentialing management tool can be used to track licensing, credentials, and employee certifications’ expiration status. The credentialing Management tool can also track State Licenses, Certifications and Accreditation expiration dates.


SDS Management– Working with hazardous products requires that safety data sheets be accessible and available to employees working with these products at all times. Taking the paper out of your Safety Data Sheet management allows for easy access, at any time, by multiple users. Employees can login and quickly search their SDS binder for the product SDS sheet. Run reports on which products are in your binder, add new products from our ever growing library, or upload your own documents directly to your binder.


Incident and Breach Reporting and Safety Plans– Incident reports can now be filed online ensuring employee privacy. With the ability to escalate directly to managers and supervisors within the system, there is no longer a need for routing incident reports through inter-office mail. Safety plans can quickly and easily be uploaded or created and assigned within the system using Kaizen Compliance’s safety plan templates.


Contract Management– The contract management module allows for complete document storage, automated reminders, contact storage, and more. Admins can upload the contracts, then indicate specific contract information such as points of contacts, supporting documentation, and expiration or renewal dates. You never have to worry about misplacing a contract or missing an expiration date again.


Equipment Maintenance Logs – Easily register equipment in Kaizen Compliance’s Equipment Lifecycle management module. Input specific equipment information, including equipment manuals, manufacturer information, and equipment contacts. Plus, you can indicate maintenance timelines and setup automatic reminders, as well as register internal and external staff as certified users for each piece of equipment.


Compliance Toolkits– With our OSHA toolkit and HIPAA toolkits, you can generate required OSHA forms, including the OSHA 300 and 300-A forms for work related injury and illnesses. Fill out an OSHA inspection form within the system to prepare for your next audit. Generate HIPAA compliance agreements between your organization and your employees and create Business Associate Agreements using our template all within the Compliance toolkit.


Certificates– Kaizen Compliance eliminated the need of printing and filing certificates. Each course, policy and safety plan that you assign to users within the Kaizen Compliance site generates a unique certificate complete with employee name, course title, completion date, and continuing education units, if applicable. Employees can always access their own certificates, and administrators can pull certificates of any employees within their assigned location.


Reports– Tracking employee completion and progress on courses, policies, and safety plans has never been simpler using Kaizen Compliance. Admins can run reports in excel or pdf format on virtually any information that is loaded into the Kaizen Compliance system.


Virtual Compliance Support– Kaizen Compliance’s support team can be reached by chat, phone, or email. Employees can submit questions from within the system as you’re taking a course. Our support team can be reached 7 days a week, and support is available after business hours as well, so employees will never be without access or assistance in completing assignments.

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